Capture, play and share hologram.

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The easiest Hologram solution ever

Holotch offers two apps to create Photorealistic Volumetric Video, also known as "Hologram". Those are Windows app for Azure Kinect DK and iOS app for iOS Pro series devices with LiDAR camera.

Those simple portable setups allow you to easily stream high quality holograms over the internet, including 4G mobile network.

Holotch also provides Unity Plugin as Hologram streaming API to be able to integrate with any VR/AR apps built with Unity.

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Create Holograms
in no time for free

Creating and streaming holograms either with Kinects or iOS devices is as easy as recording a video. Once your cameras are ready, let our app guide you through the quick calibration process to ensure optimal recording conditions. Moreover our solution is free to use, give it a try !

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Why Holotch ?

Holograms are a new way to connect with people and express your creativity. We want this technology to be accessible to everyone regardless of your tech skill or social class.

To do so, our solution rely on data compression so that our Hologram data is among the smallest over the market, ensuring stable infrastructure, compatibility with mobile network and devices, not mentioning reducing battery usage and data consumption.

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