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“Holotch is the NEXT Pixar of VR/AR.”

This is the line we use every time we  meet new people. As you may know, Pixar is one of the most successful film studio in Hollywood, however not much people knows that Pixar has developed 3D Computer Graphics for 40 years. Pixar is one of the top innovative high tech company on earth.

Hologram is the new digital media for 5G era and mainstream for VR/AR. We develop its core technology and create the new way of communication and entertainment. We would like to work with talented and motivated people for futuristic visual innovation.



My passion is to contribute to the fast growing field of Human-Computer Interactions. I am especially attracted by novel displays and worked on multisensory interfaces (i.e. using sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) for 4 years during my PhD. I then joined Holotch as the next step in my journey to explore and deliver new ways to interact with technology.

Our company aims to bring state of the art holographic technologies, including capture, storage, and delivery of holograms to all. We believe in the potential of holograms and think that once the technology will be available to all, only we will understand all of its potential.

We are now growing and looking for people that share our vision and that want to grow with us. Our target is to build a solid team where people can rely on each other and share a common vision. We are therefore more interested by commitment, passion, and personality than experience, or diplomas. If you want to be part of our journey and think you can add value to Holotch, our door is open!

Holotch is the hologram live streaming solution for everyone.
We develop a new way to interact and communicate with people around the world. We develop the core technology of its live streaming system from scratch and try to be the leader of this rapidly growing market.

Open roles

Join us to create the future of communication and entertainment.

VR/AR Developer

- Bachelor of Science (or equivalent) in Computer Science or a related field.
- Work experience not mandatory.
- 3+ years of C++ experience, including Modern C++ features and techniques, or OOP [C#/Java].
- Experience with software development practices such as source control, code reviews, Unit Testing, Debugging and profiling.
- Experience with 3D Data Visualization (e.g. OpenGL, Open 3D, Vulkan).
- Experience with Linux and command line utilities.

- Experience with cameras and optical systems, lightning systems and audio systems.
- Experience with Computer Vision.
- Experience with Unity.
- Experience with Python.
- Experience with Networking.
- Experience developing and managing large scale distributed systems.


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